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Kris Hunter

Book Cover

Book Cover

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Unfinished- A9 size, when laying flat it measures 14.9" x 9.13"

Laser cut- 1/8" Ply

This book cover is perfect to personalize many projects- cook books, scrap books, junk journals. the possibIlities are endless! 


***DISCLAIMER- The designs featured in the Kris Hunter Inspired collection were not created by Kris Hunter or The Rust-Covered Cottage LLC. These designs are a curated collection of Kris's favorite files created by other digital designers. All designs have been legally purchased and licensed for commercial use to create wood kits to sale. Kris Hunter's role is solely as a curator of this collection. The Rust-Covered Cottage is committed to transparency and integrity in our business practices. If you have any questions about the origin of the designs, please feel free to contact us.

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